We live under the power of emotions until we learn to rule them in God’s wisdom. If you suddenly get some kind of emotion, for example, yesterday I experienced anger while doing something, or you start crying for no reason, then this is a sign that you need look within. Similar attracts similar. If you cry and moan that you are worthless and truly feel it, then you have received a message, through this emotion, that you need to value yourself.
How to do it? You start saying out loud words that show your value. For example, you say this: I am very valuable because I have an art talent and I create pictures that give out good energy, or I’m very good cook and I am cooking delicious food for my family. I’m valuable because I love my family members. If you have trouble with your mother or father-in-law, it is useful to say these words: I like my in law and he likes me, we have a wonderful relationship. You speak such words until you start to feel it also emotionally. Then the matter is resolved. This is the way we create new lives for ourselves in this illusion.
The illusion has driven us through emotions. We react to them but if you act consciously, you are protected. If you feel offended and you feel like you are not cared about as you would like, then you are not sure yet about your value. If you are confident that you are valuable and you love yourself, then you will not be knocked out of line by the attitude of others. You know who you are and you don’t have to worry about if people will like you. You are free. You are free to be a unique person with your special gifts.
So, start reorganizing your life already today. If you feel bad then find out where it comes from, what sign it refers to, what you have to think about and say. We don’t have to submit to external emotions but create the emotions that we like. By doing this, you heal your body.
The body is emotionally damaged but we create it again, we laugh, we are happy, calm and peaceful. I have had a lot of moments this year where I laugh at the little things so much that my stomach is in pain. It’s a cure for my body.
I had a conversation today with my higher self. I asked many different things and got answers instantly. I believed like a child.
When I talk to animals they understand each of my words. The dog was barking outside and I couldn’t make video, because it was filling the whole house. I jumped outside and quarreled with the dog, and after that, not a single sound. Likewise, you can talk with your body parts, plants, cells and even your computer.
Let’s start to create a new way of life, full of miracles and faith. We are rulers of emotions and wise to act in power.



Everything is possible to the one who believes. There are all sorts of opportunities out there, and you attract them through your beliefs.
Faith is a firm confidence in what is expected and a belief in what is not seen. The word is a seed. You need to get the word straight from the source itself, only then can you grow the fruit from its seed. The fruit, which you pull out from the field of opportunities, is the answer to your problem. We are disturbed by doubt because we think it’s not possible. We destroy the seed already in its embryo, so the fruit never grows.
When you get a good idea and it explodes inside of you, then the other person may begin to diminish your ideas by telling that it’s impossible to carry it out, for there is a lack of financial resources. In fact, the secret is that a good idea creates the financial possibilities itself when you start from where you can. You trust the wish that comes out of you and begin to operate with the tools that are available to you. The result is creation. You are creating in faith.
If you get a picture or a message from inside yourself, and you know that this is not your ego’s thought, you need to trust it. Years ago, while standing in front of one house door I felt as if I were already living there. Later, I moved in there.
The foundation of firm confidence, whether in the form of a word or a vision, should be a divine revelation. Then this is the basis upon which you will build your faith.
I remember my friends’ testimony of the wonder he experienced. He was in debt and the government wanted to take his home to cover the debt. Then the word of faith appeared to him from within: it does not happen. Some would have been panicking, but he was very calm because he had a certain confidence in the message and he knew that God would not lie. Then the officials came to his house with papers to formalize the matter, but at the same time another person arrived who paid the whole debt. This person, who lives in Finland, received a message saying that he had to go to Estonia and help one man who was in trouble.
We are connected with each other through our inner worlds. All the helping tools are available to us. If you have a problem, then you can find a solution for yourself through faith. If you are a doubter, you better seek solutions through the means of the world, because doubt eliminates any response that you could get in your spiritual path.
If you have a problem then request a message or a vision. Seek spiritual answers and if you receive it, you must believe and not doubt. It’s better if after that, you will no longer consider whether this is really feasible. You might have a thought that you are not worth it. You need to have a firm conviction that you are the perfect seed. You can never artificially shape yourself into being perfect. You are perfect from God’s mercy, because you came back home, to your true inner being. You might also think that this is too big of a thing to ask, but don’t set any boundaries to yourself. There are answers to all the questions in the field of opportunities, because our questions have always existed, as well as the answers to them.
Spontaneity is trust and belief in doing what is needed to do at each given moment. People need security. For this, they are collecting money and things, they invest in businesses to secure their future, but the insecurity is in their hearts. Thus, such external things do not guarantee that you will feel confident and calm about the future. Confidence can be found in spontaneity, flowing with the power of the Divine and being one with the source. You trust yourself in the being and know that at the moment it’s the best for you, whatever you feel emotionally.
In this way of living and being you will never have the fear of being late, rushing somewhere, doing and accomplishing something. You will be relieved from the burden of striving and the burden of accomplishment. You just enjoy being and trusting yourself. You are not separate from the being and you owe no explanations to anyone. You are Him.
All this needs to be contemplated, because if you think only about the junk information from morning to evening, then you feed your spirit with the artificial food of this system, far from any kind of trust of faith.
Then the system will get you in and you will not be able to get anything out of the field of opportunities, in your spiritual path, you will not attract answers to your wishes.
Someone said that believing is a very cumbersome thing – it’s better to create answers differently.
Your choice