If you consciousness hasn’t awakened in Spirit, you are an ego and you have needs. Who is satisfying your needs? Who fills the feeling of your emptiness, who gives you action when you are bored, who creates situations for you in which you can feel loved; who sends people to your life when you are experiencing lack of attention?
Of course, the darkness or devil of this system, name it however you want.
Those gifts given by darkness will not please you forever; they will satisfy you only for once and you will feel empty again and in need of
a drug.
You use external comfort to silence your own sense of emptiness because you have separated yourself from God’s existence and his love.
You’re addicted to work in order not to remain in thought and discover who you really are. When your work runs out you sit woefully at home and struggle to think of what to do because you don’t want to stay alone.
When you spend time drinking and partying, after sobering up you feel you’re not that happy. Once again, you’re facing yourself.
Some are hypnotised serial watchers. They have exchanged their lives for artificial life, which is created through television.
A person let’s all of these things happen when he hasn’t been awakened. Where there is an empty place, there will be darkness to fill it up. If there is no light, darkness can rule.
People are hungry for love, and darkness gives rise to lust and sex obsession. We think mistakenly that sex is love.
We are overlooked and we desire to be at the enter of admiration, and again, we are artificially comforting ourselves. We lie to people about ourselves so that we can get some admiration. Every empty place is filled with darkness, because there is no light in us.
When our consciousness wakes up we will become filled with light. Then the gifts of darkness can no longer affect us. We won’t need fake things because we have come to the genuine. We are the ones we really are.
I am unlimited love, everything else is an illusion.


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