Two choices

My mind is a consciousness that perceives the world through brain. When people tell that he or she is very wise, they mean that this person has stored a lot of knowledge in his brain and knows the facts about this world system. He is wise about the knowledge of the system.
In the eyes of God this is foolishness, for such wisdom has set limits for divine wisdom. This wisdom operates within the 5 senses of this world but not beyond that. Such wicked heads rely on facts that are in their brains and do not investigate or know the laws of the Universe. When the wisdom of God reveals itself through miracles they always find a logical justification to it, although it’s impossible to logically explain miracles.
The wisdom of this world is egoistic and acts in the direction of isolation because it wants to create competition. People are divided into wise and foolish, rich, poor, successful and unsuccessful, etc. Dismantling takes place in every area of life and together with that, separation from each other. Every individual fights for his survival.
God’s wisdom is the connection and the sharing of spiritual gifts for the common good.
God’s wisdom doesn’t separate people from one another and does not raise anyone above the other. From this you will know where the wisdom of God works; you will notice it from the fruits of people’s actions. If there are competitions, for example, in clairvoyance, you will immediately know what the case is.
In fact, you can’t make miracles alone. When Jesus performed miracles he had the revelation of being alone; he did not separate himself from any human being. He visited drunkards and prostitutes and ate with them at one table; he healed people whether they were rich or poor. He didn’t organize courses or seminars, did not fund himself with money from his speeches, did not ask for a reward for his healing. From here you can guess who is who.
You will be able to connect with the wisdom of God when you stop turning your consciousness only towards the worldly things and into storing the facts of the world.
If you turn towards God like a child, trusting your life in the hands of divine wisdom, you will become a blank page; then your consciousness will awaken and enter into the city of God.
However, if you hold dear only the wisdom of this world and praise your work unto thyself and gather the earthly information into your brain, you are still a citizen of this world system and your consciousness will be stuck in this world.
An awakened person leaves the wisdom of the world and looks for God’s wisdom and the laws of the Universe. You cannot be in two places at once. This is your sacrifice in order to come into the Kingdom of God. There is no other option.
Some people think that they can somehow slip themselves through the gates of the Kingdom of Heaven but it doesn’t work that way. You can wear a mask or pin yourself towards the light, you can finish the Theology Institute even, but it’s all a worldly wisdom. All this should be left behind and turned into a blank page; then your consciousness will awaken into a rebirth and miracles will happen.


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