Human thought

If you believe in Anastasia’s message then you know that the human mind has an enormous power to create, especially if it’s a collective thought.
Those, who program us, use their own thoughts to guide humanity as they wish. They place the plans and act accordingly. They know how to create results with images and shapes.
The world is designed by them. Then who are they? Someone directs all of it. Who is the chief? If he knows how to put the whole world in place he must own some wisdom and deceit. According to Anastasia, there are 6 priests, one of whom is the leader. I believe that this might be true because they have always led those who believe that they are the actual rules of the world.
They do not push themselves forward because they are cunning. They have people that work for them. People are like play toys in their hands. How else do we all believe so blatantly in everything we learn from the newspapers and at school?
We believe those who seem to be leaders, but behind them there is a cunning plan to enslave us. In order to detect the wisdom of the priests and to be above their cleverness, we should cleanse ourselves from their programming in order to receive higher wisdom. If you identify with higher consciousness you will realize you you’re being deceived. The priests lead us to wars if it suits them. For them, the human race is like sheep herd and they can cause disasters, when it’s useful for them, where millions will die.
I don’t have to know them personally, but if my spirit tells me how they work I can create shapes and images to change the world in the same way. We have not been taught this and will not, unfortunately. But luckily we have the Holy Spirit who illuminates us in this regard. He teaches us to free ourselves from the encodings created by the priests and create new shapes.
Ask from your higher self how you could create a beautiful day, because today becomes tomorrow and you can create this right now. Free yourself from old patterns, let go of the customs that do not satisfy you anymore, create new customs. Be creative at all times. You’re not a robot and an imitator. You’re special and perfect. Your idea is a powerful energy of creation, use it wisely.



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