Have you noticed that you become sad when you can’t afford the same things others get for themselves?
This is also the same with Christmas. Some buy lots of gifts and others are utmost sad because they can’t make their kids happy – they simply don’t have money for gifts.
What really hurts us then? Being the slaves of copying, we can’t be happy in any other way than with the tools the system offers us.
The system trains us to gather empty stuffs already long before Christmas. There are hundreds of ads put under our noses with all kinds of cuisines and figurines for us to buy them.
I have noticed a lot of bric-a-brac in homes – candles, figurines, vases, bells, lamps, cups, and so on. We have brought those in home although we don’t need them in such quantities. Why all these things?
When I count together all my mugs, I get around 30! God, help! I can’t buy any more cups in my whole life!
It was only last year when I got a mug with my constellation as a gift. I am totally against such collecting. I need one plate, a mug, a knife, a fork, and so on. Some say that it is also necessary to keep things for the guests. In fact, they are rarely seen. You don’t have to have any bundles for this.
Still we think we need to buy all kinds of gnomes and Christmas Santa’s… And we are sad, but why? If I want to make a candy pack for a child I’ll buy and mix candies together myself, because the packages that are in the store with a good price contain candies of medium quality, a more emphasis is put on the package rather on the contents.
God is a creator and the Devil is a copycat. Think about something interesting to make your family happy with. After all, we don’t have to be like robots every year and watch the same movies such as Home alone, and so on.
This year, do something else – what comes to your heart! Even with food, you can cook something that you like but try not to copy. We don’t have to eat the same foods that are advertised. If you follow your intuition, then certainly Universe will surprise you. Don’t worry that you don’t have such gifts to share that others have. Do what you can and believe this day will be fun and joyful.
We have to come out of this sickness that traumatizes us. Be yourself, your own kind of creator and inventor!
If you can’t make gifts for your close ones, don’t worry about it. Your task is to be happy so that your body can be in peace and healthy. There are much more important things in world than making gifts. You make, when you can.
Be blessed, Creator.


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