I thought that karma means punishment. But really, karma should be called a consequence. You get what you give. While knowing the Laws of the Universe you start to notice what you are giving out, what you are planting. When you discover a poor crop, go back and examine when you planted this poor crop.
In ignorance, we are creators of karma; we create poor fruits for ourselves. Normally, we do not investigate the relationships of life – we get what we have sown yet we think its destiny. We blame all bad luck and fortune to destiny. We are trying to get rid of karma artificially.
I’ve read even a book that teaches to get into contact with Karma Angels, so they could free us from our own scourge. It’s the same story with the curse. We have called our bad karma a curse. Someone definitely screwed me off, why else is my life like that. Even, if you were cursed then you have still created this situation with your own thoughts.
The Bible has a good chapter that talks about curse. Unearned curse will not be fulfilled. If you have not caused it yourself then no one can put you under the curse. On the other hand, if you have attracted this with your thoughts and fears, in ignorance, then yes, you can be cursed.
The dark force wants to scare us; give us the impression that he is so powerful that he can act on his own. In fact, this is not the case; otherwise there would be no existence because the evil would destroy itself.
Everything is under God’s control and God lives within us. We need to release our fears and live in positivity – or say it however you want to. By consciously living and correcting our thoughts, choosing our words and actions according to intuition, we have turned the consequences into blessings.
The devils field of work will remain very small. We will not cause bad karma and curse; we will not leave any cracks from where the curse could enter into our lives, because we are the Unlimited Love.



– David Icke


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