We think that God is a person. A person like us, but a very powerful one. We think that he is somewhere far away from us and commands our lives and that he is in charge of the whole thing. The Bible has given us an impression that God is a figure. The Old Testament created an especially powerful figure of him. God was described as a merciless mass murderer.
In the New Testament Jesus says that when you are looking at me, you see Father. He equates himself as God and the Pharisees were very angry at him because of this.
God is not a figure. God is being, the source of life, energy etc. We ourselves make up this existence. God lives in all of us.
The charge of energy…I am this. I have a consciousness. I can take whatever shape I want. So, at this moment, I am in this shape… but I myself am not the shape.
The charge of energy, that has a consciousness, is very creative.
I am responsible for whatever I am creating because I have been put in front of different choices. I can’t blame anyone else because I am the one who creates my life and surroundings. Problems come and go but I choose to be flexible, continuously, in the problems. Nothing can sway me.
But when I am still in such a level of thinking where I believe that God is sitting on top of a cloud, I have to scream towards him all the time, for him to listen to me and help me.
A lot of church people are diligent in praying; they have long lists for what to pray for. I myself am a prayer. I say things to the existence.
I am the charge of energy in the energy field. Energy is in constant movement. I vibrate. I give out energies and receive energies. Everything works according to the laws.
On an earthly plane we have forgot the laws of Universe and dark forces use our ignorance for their own good. As long as we don’t know who we really are, and what our options are, we will be the slaves of darkness.
There are created fake figures and beliefs for us. We have adopted those and live amongst such examples and standards. That’s why we need to throw them away now, all of the darkness that has been planted in our subconscious minds. Unless you do that your higher self cannot give you new beliefs and raise your awareness.
The only God is the existence, the being within you. You are alienated from it because you have been hypnotised. Come back home. Awaken so that you could acknowledge who you really are.


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