Gratitude is wealth

Gratitude is wealth, but complaining is poverty. If this phrase is read by people at different levels of consciousness, then they might understand it in very different ways, and everyone is of course right in their own experiences.
One says about practicing more gratitude, because it’s logical that similar attracts similar frequency. If you want to be rich in every aspect of life, then be grateful because gratitude holds such a good energy that it then attracts same energy, or experience. The other person is starving with his family and finds that such a sentence is mockery. In such situation, for him, an appeal to complain is much more appropriate.
I have had such situations where I have been in great despair, but then had a sudden thought which have made break out words that are completely the opposite of the situation. It helps to break down the situation – the energy changes and great peace comes in you. In this great peace an unexpected solution will arrive.
Every person has his or her individual growth in the spirit. Sometimes there is a period of crying, and if so, then it must be done. I’ve been in such a period where I was crying every day, on my knees, on the ground and the only thing I was saying was: “God, please help me!”
After a while I grew out of such infancy and discovered that if I do not get a solution from God’s wisdom, then I will be crying until the end of times. There will be certain time, as an infant, when you will be offered constant help, but then you have to grow up and make your own conclusions. I began to study God’s laws and how they work in my life.
That’s how growth works. In each period of life, we have some helpers, because you still need other people. The other person is like a mirror, if you start to understand it. Then you begin to study yourself through the other person and become even more experienced and smarter in keeping and loving yourself.
If you’re still in your teens you want to dispute and explain to other people that you are right in everything. If you grow up, you will discover that everyone is right and there is no need to argue. If before you didn’t analyze your mistakes, now you look at them and see why the situation is as it is. You will learn from your life how to behave wisely. You don’t need to take life courses to live by because your teacher lives within you.

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