I want to get rich right now!

Such an attitude of life makes you borrow, lease, make a down payment, and then you find yourself in a devilish circle. You will pay a lot more back and if you can’t pay, our bulk recipients, SMS loan and other companies, they will increase your amount to as much as a million if it was anyhow possible.
I watched at the Russian fairy tale movie about the ’frost father’. It was a very instructive story about two different human natures. One, who was humble and suffered evil, the other an exalted egoist. The kind girl got a fortune from the old man but the egoist, only leftovers. Ego wants things right now and does not like to wait. We worry about material things, especially when they are constantly advertised; we imagine how they would make our life more beautiful. You want to get those things your girlfriend or neighbour has. You need something all the time and it seems that you can’t be without them.
My obsession was once – a vacuum cleaner. When it was taken away I felt like I was left without hands. I could had cleaned the rug otherwise, but I certainly had to order it immediately with an installment. I have ordered in number of occasions several sectional cabinets and sofas, and today there are not traces of them. I learned through life and no longer take any things on loan. If I don’t know how to handle money then I will not increase the amount. There is no blessing.
The Bible contains a passage that tells you how a poor widow put one coin in the church’s box, but the rich donated a lot. Jesus said that the widow put more than the rich, because she did so with her stomach and heart. We should also do it with our hearts, otherwise it will be a hypocrisy. If you want to emerge as a man of wealth, in front of your rich friends, you have to wear a mask throughout your whole life. You show externally that everything in your home is excellent, but in fact there is poverty and lack of money because you can not artificially plunge yourself into the middle of those who are lavishly spending their money. You will get into a trouble and have to eventually admit to yourself that you need to restrict your expenses.
People pretend and play cool beings. Their story seems to say that life is a flower. And if they can then also belittle someone, even better, because it makes them feel they are perfect. There is no sincerity, no respect. Ego doesn’t want to admit that he has problems but hides behind a mask. We are here, in this darkness, so that light could enlighten us. We should awaken to come to our former nature, but to do so we must acknowledge our bad choices. I think, if we use the little what we might have, wisely, like this widow, more will be added for us.
A prophet came to the house of the widow; he made such a miracle that the jar never ran out of oil. We can not believe in miracles, we want to have everything immediately and with installments and loans. Your choice, life will teach you anyhow.
If you want to be healthy then keep track of your intuition, your inner feeling and follow it; because if you do what the mind says, logic or another person, you’ve already damaged yourself because your body is stressed. Your teacher and guide lives in you and he knows you very well – trust your inner feeling


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