Discover the colours of life!

What is the true quality of life? Is it to live only for the big “aha” moments, the endless adrenaline, or perhaps just for the moonlight and the stars, just dreaming away? I think, more and more people are starting to realize the complexity and deepness of life, the paradox, the full spectrum of rainbow colours.
How far has the black and white judgement taken us? – Those two polarities! I suspect not too far. Although experiencing both of them helps us to finally find our centre, the delicate balance between everything that is, can be found only through interconnected awareness of it all. In order to experience everything that is, you need to have an open mind, ready to change, to convert, adapt itself, evolve, to grow. Nowadays, there are hundreds of tools available for us to open up our minds and keep it moving forwards. We can research almost anything. Learn almost anything. Not only through books but through the internet- google search, YouTube, eBooks, podcasts, blogs etc. There’s almost an overload of information. You can choose between millions of subjects that might interest you. Follow your passion. How can we not use this for our advantage? Growth has never been easier! Become the curious child you once were and begin to play around with what excites you! And don’t just collect knowledge, but make it into wisdom through real actions. It could be simple ones.
Sometimes we are perfectly happy and feel content and safe living inside our own kind of bubble. It’s painful to grow and open your eyes. Life is ever changing – new thoughts and ideas – constant upgrading of yourself. Respect each others personal journeys and, first and foremost, honour yourself through your life path too. Take as much as time needed, but don’t fall asleep.
There is a beautiful delicacy in keeping our steadfast values and beliefs and, at the same time, introducing new ones that are inspired by love, compassion, kindness, connection; fully embracing our humanity and bringing awareness to the unhealed parts of ourselves. Again, loving yourself through it all, because our real “ego” is just an immature child who is not taken care of; who still looks love and safety from outside of himself – we need to learn how to parent and soothe ourselves.
A good way to start would be to think about different areas in your life. How does your Life Wheel look like right now? – Career, Family, Friends, Social community, Hobbies, Recreation, Philosophical, Spiritual, Personal Development & Learning, Finance, Health. How are you contributing to those areas? What can you do to make them better? To improve your life quality? You can think about defining those for you, then perhaps thinking about how to prevent them to fall out of balance, how to repair the damage, how to maintain the good – even make it better. Study the timeless principles. Most of true life skills, that you were never taught in school, can be learned only through organic experiences – small and big – but don’t just wait for the big ones and then face them unprepared. Take pride in training yourself through the small ones too. Practice discomfort, once in a while; do things that you are afraid of. Go through them deliberately and see is it really worth all the drama and pain? How cheap is your happiness? Learn to be ashamed of only the things that are worth to be ashamed of. When you train yourself on little things then you stand a chance of being courageous.
There is a field of opportunities around you. See what works for you and what doesn’t. Build your foundation and customize the rest of it as originally as you wish. Choose love, your tools, choose to grow, choose the rainbow. Life looks so much more beautiful and fun in vibrant colours.



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