Locked away

“You are not flowing as free as you should. I can sense a lot of pain in you. You need the sea.”

And the sea needed her. Someone to admire her tranquility and ferocity, the life force that she so freely provides to every soul in need. Although she never liked to think she needed anything or anyone.

Abandoned and locked away, she had drowned every day into her own sea of tears, begging for mercy. It never came. So she surrendered and decided she would never again let anyone to see her so helpless, so vulnerable. Instead she locked her heart away willingly, into her own hands, where she could keep it safe.

Years passed. She would enter into many peoples hearts, but never let anyone truly see hers. She had forgotten all about it and liked to keep it that way. For all it contained were the same weeping tears and a desperate need to be heard. Why would anyone let willingly themselves to be drowned by such a horrendous flood? It would make some people feel already uncomfortable from a faraway distance. And those that were close would be blinded from it’s existence altogether.

Not sure, which one was worse, but it all lead to one conclusion- No one ever saw the real her. No one ever treated her as an equal. She had always been either ‘The Alien’ or ‘The Goddess’. Never, for once, a human.


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