Just one day left until Estonia. I am so excited to see my mom.

Today morning I got my last things done and tomorrow is just packing lightly for the trip. After all- you don’t really need much for a week. And to be honest I don’t have many things anyways.

It happens, when you travel for years from one place to another. I could pack all of my belongings into couple of suitcases. I am quite happy with that idea.


Rest of the day I was really just meditating, listening some YouTube videos and while I did, I stumbled across “Tiny House” projects. I googled it quickly and found it SO inspiring. Honestly now I am dreaming about building one myself. Possibly in some beautiful natural place like this too.


I’ve always wished to live in super simple, minimalistic and environment friendly way. It is inspiring to see many other people sharing the same goal. The only thing or ‘idea’ that I would invest in would be loads of flowers and plants like in this picture.

Isn’t it beautiful?




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