(Did I already mention that 2017 ought to be a really beautiful year, because 7 is my lucky number!)

Today, as I was going to work and sitting in a bus I overheard someone complaining how tired She was. How was she supposed to survive today? There were so many things to do. How would she manage to get everything done?

And I couldn’t help but think that it’s probably how many of us are feeling. People are torn apart, because life is so busy(and not only in London..)– there are millions of responsibilities and it gets harder and harder to find time for yourself.

I had a really intense day myself and although I do not have to feel this way often, it gives me enough context to understand how life would look like if I did. It kind of brings me more and more towards this goal of mine too- to be able to live for myself and for my needs. I don’t know if it sounds selfish, but I can see from the experiences of people around and mine too- if you don’t set boundaries and know very well how you want to live your life, other folks will happily fill that void in your soul with their stuffs.

On a brighter note- sometimes I am okay with maximizing my day and be really really productive, if it helps me to balance out my freedom and flow for coming days. So again, whatever is right for you in the moment.


True spirituality is not some transformative thing. It’s taking a moment to be who you already are.


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