Today morning the sun was so bright and warm and I loved the way it was illuminating my whole face, when I sat next to the window writing into my daily gratitude journal.

Although rest of the day was a struggle between trying to send myself love and compassion and constantly breaking down into tears, I kept my promise not to. Sometimes I am confused about the best way to handle situations, but I guess I should feel happy about managing to create some space between those intense energies.

Now I am in home. It’s a beautiful and quiet evening. I am drinking my last glass of Baileys, which I have started to love a lot. More than wine or cider at least- they give me often immediate headaches.

Currently I am feeling little bit like this…


And this…


I acknowledge that It’s perfectly natural- it means I am a health human being going through a normal human experience.

As I went through some childhood photos, I also opened up my diary from 2009, so I would have something positive to share today. I found some of my favorite movie quotes that I had liked back on days:



Allow yourself to be where you are right now. Where others are has nothing to do with you. We are all having different life experiences. Don’t rush ahead. Ego or all the ‘unwanted’ yucky feelings are really a portion of light that you have decided is not good and sent into the shadows. All those things need to be brought into light of love. There is no portion of you that is not light and divinity. All that divides you are there to help you to bring closer to unity consciousness.



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