If you consciousness hasn’t awakened in Spirit, you are an ego and you have needs. Who is satisfying your needs? Who fills the feeling of your emptiness, who gives you action when you are bored, who creates situations for you in which you can feel loved; who sends people to your life when you are experiencing lack of attention?
Of course, the darkness or devil of this system, name it however you want.
Those gifts given by darkness will not please you forever; they will satisfy you only for once and you will feel empty again and in need of
a drug.
You use external comfort to silence your own sense of emptiness because you have separated yourself from God’s existence and his love.
You’re addicted to work in order not to remain in thought and discover who you really are. When your work runs out you sit woefully at home and struggle to think of what to do because you don’t want to stay alone.
When you spend time drinking and partying, after sobering up you feel you’re not that happy. Once again, you’re facing yourself.
Some are hypnotised serial watchers. They have exchanged their lives for artificial life, which is created through television.
A person let’s all of these things happen when he hasn’t been awakened. Where there is an empty place, there will be darkness to fill it up. If there is no light, darkness can rule.
People are hungry for love, and darkness gives rise to lust and sex obsession. We think mistakenly that sex is love.
We are overlooked and we desire to be at the enter of admiration, and again, we are artificially comforting ourselves. We lie to people about ourselves so that we can get some admiration. Every empty place is filled with darkness, because there is no light in us.
When our consciousness wakes up we will become filled with light. Then the gifts of darkness can no longer affect us. We won’t need fake things because we have come to the genuine. We are the ones we really are.
I am unlimited love, everything else is an illusion.


Two choices

My mind is a consciousness that perceives the world through brain. When people tell that he or she is very wise, they mean that this person has stored a lot of knowledge in his brain and knows the facts about this world system. He is wise about the knowledge of the system.
In the eyes of God this is foolishness, for such wisdom has set limits for divine wisdom. This wisdom operates within the 5 senses of this world but not beyond that. Such wicked heads rely on facts that are in their brains and do not investigate or know the laws of the Universe. When the wisdom of God reveals itself through miracles they always find a logical justification to it, although it’s impossible to logically explain miracles.
The wisdom of this world is egoistic and acts in the direction of isolation because it wants to create competition. People are divided into wise and foolish, rich, poor, successful and unsuccessful, etc. Dismantling takes place in every area of life and together with that, separation from each other. Every individual fights for his survival.
God’s wisdom is the connection and the sharing of spiritual gifts for the common good.
God’s wisdom doesn’t separate people from one another and does not raise anyone above the other. From this you will know where the wisdom of God works; you will notice it from the fruits of people’s actions. If there are competitions, for example, in clairvoyance, you will immediately know what the case is.
In fact, you can’t make miracles alone. When Jesus performed miracles he had the revelation of being alone; he did not separate himself from any human being. He visited drunkards and prostitutes and ate with them at one table; he healed people whether they were rich or poor. He didn’t organize courses or seminars, did not fund himself with money from his speeches, did not ask for a reward for his healing. From here you can guess who is who.
You will be able to connect with the wisdom of God when you stop turning your consciousness only towards the worldly things and into storing the facts of the world.
If you turn towards God like a child, trusting your life in the hands of divine wisdom, you will become a blank page; then your consciousness will awaken and enter into the city of God.
However, if you hold dear only the wisdom of this world and praise your work unto thyself and gather the earthly information into your brain, you are still a citizen of this world system and your consciousness will be stuck in this world.
An awakened person leaves the wisdom of the world and looks for God’s wisdom and the laws of the Universe. You cannot be in two places at once. This is your sacrifice in order to come into the Kingdom of God. There is no other option.
Some people think that they can somehow slip themselves through the gates of the Kingdom of Heaven but it doesn’t work that way. You can wear a mask or pin yourself towards the light, you can finish the Theology Institute even, but it’s all a worldly wisdom. All this should be left behind and turned into a blank page; then your consciousness will awaken into a rebirth and miracles will happen.


We live under the power of emotions until we learn to rule them in God’s wisdom. If you suddenly get some kind of emotion, for example, yesterday I experienced anger while doing something, or you start crying for no reason, then this is a sign that you need look within. Similar attracts similar. If you cry and moan that you are worthless and truly feel it, then you have received a message, through this emotion, that you need to value yourself.
How to do it? You start saying out loud words that show your value. For example, you say this: I am very valuable because I have an art talent and I create pictures that give out good energy, or I’m very good cook and I am cooking delicious food for my family. I’m valuable because I love my family members. If you have trouble with your mother or father-in-law, it is useful to say these words: I like my in law and he likes me, we have a wonderful relationship. You speak such words until you start to feel it also emotionally. Then the matter is resolved. This is the way we create new lives for ourselves in this illusion.
The illusion has driven us through emotions. We react to them but if you act consciously, you are protected. If you feel offended and you feel like you are not cared about as you would like, then you are not sure yet about your value. If you are confident that you are valuable and you love yourself, then you will not be knocked out of line by the attitude of others. You know who you are and you don’t have to worry about if people will like you. You are free. You are free to be a unique person with your special gifts.
So, start reorganizing your life already today. If you feel bad then find out where it comes from, what sign it refers to, what you have to think about and say. We don’t have to submit to external emotions but create the emotions that we like. By doing this, you heal your body.
The body is emotionally damaged but we create it again, we laugh, we are happy, calm and peaceful. I have had a lot of moments this year where I laugh at the little things so much that my stomach is in pain. It’s a cure for my body.
I had a conversation today with my higher self. I asked many different things and got answers instantly. I believed like a child.
When I talk to animals they understand each of my words. The dog was barking outside and I couldn’t make video, because it was filling the whole house. I jumped outside and quarreled with the dog, and after that, not a single sound. Likewise, you can talk with your body parts, plants, cells and even your computer.
Let’s start to create a new way of life, full of miracles and faith. We are rulers of emotions and wise to act in power.


Have you noticed that you become sad when you can’t afford the same things others get for themselves?
This is also the same with Christmas. Some buy lots of gifts and others are utmost sad because they can’t make their kids happy – they simply don’t have money for gifts.
What really hurts us then? Being the slaves of copying, we can’t be happy in any other way than with the tools the system offers us.
The system trains us to gather empty stuffs already long before Christmas. There are hundreds of ads put under our noses with all kinds of cuisines and figurines for us to buy them.
I have noticed a lot of bric-a-brac in homes – candles, figurines, vases, bells, lamps, cups, and so on. We have brought those in home although we don’t need them in such quantities. Why all these things?
When I count together all my mugs, I get around 30! God, help! I can’t buy any more cups in my whole life!
It was only last year when I got a mug with my constellation as a gift. I am totally against such collecting. I need one plate, a mug, a knife, a fork, and so on. Some say that it is also necessary to keep things for the guests. In fact, they are rarely seen. You don’t have to have any bundles for this.
Still we think we need to buy all kinds of gnomes and Christmas Santa’s… And we are sad, but why? If I want to make a candy pack for a child I’ll buy and mix candies together myself, because the packages that are in the store with a good price contain candies of medium quality, a more emphasis is put on the package rather on the contents.
God is a creator and the Devil is a copycat. Think about something interesting to make your family happy with. After all, we don’t have to be like robots every year and watch the same movies such as Home alone, and so on.
This year, do something else – what comes to your heart! Even with food, you can cook something that you like but try not to copy. We don’t have to eat the same foods that are advertised. If you follow your intuition, then certainly Universe will surprise you. Don’t worry that you don’t have such gifts to share that others have. Do what you can and believe this day will be fun and joyful.
We have to come out of this sickness that traumatizes us. Be yourself, your own kind of creator and inventor!
If you can’t make gifts for your close ones, don’t worry about it. Your task is to be happy so that your body can be in peace and healthy. There are much more important things in world than making gifts. You make, when you can.
Be blessed, Creator.

Human thought

If you believe in Anastasia’s message then you know that the human mind has an enormous power to create, especially if it’s a collective thought.
Those, who program us, use their own thoughts to guide humanity as they wish. They place the plans and act accordingly. They know how to create results with images and shapes.
The world is designed by them. Then who are they? Someone directs all of it. Who is the chief? If he knows how to put the whole world in place he must own some wisdom and deceit. According to Anastasia, there are 6 priests, one of whom is the leader. I believe that this might be true because they have always led those who believe that they are the actual rules of the world.
They do not push themselves forward because they are cunning. They have people that work for them. People are like play toys in their hands. How else do we all believe so blatantly in everything we learn from the newspapers and at school?
We believe those who seem to be leaders, but behind them there is a cunning plan to enslave us. In order to detect the wisdom of the priests and to be above their cleverness, we should cleanse ourselves from their programming in order to receive higher wisdom. If you identify with higher consciousness you will realize you you’re being deceived. The priests lead us to wars if it suits them. For them, the human race is like sheep herd and they can cause disasters, when it’s useful for them, where millions will die.
I don’t have to know them personally, but if my spirit tells me how they work I can create shapes and images to change the world in the same way. We have not been taught this and will not, unfortunately. But luckily we have the Holy Spirit who illuminates us in this regard. He teaches us to free ourselves from the encodings created by the priests and create new shapes.
Ask from your higher self how you could create a beautiful day, because today becomes tomorrow and you can create this right now. Free yourself from old patterns, let go of the customs that do not satisfy you anymore, create new customs. Be creative at all times. You’re not a robot and an imitator. You’re special and perfect. Your idea is a powerful energy of creation, use it wisely.


Connection as source of power

You can read spiritual books and derive wisdom from there, which the Holy Spirit can show you; you can meditate or pray a lot, your awareness can go up to higher level, but you may still feel like something’s missing. This something that’s missing is the connection between you and the other spirits.

The Bible says: “Where two or three are gathered together in my name, I am there among them.”

There might be only two people together and already the power of the spirit flows, awareness spreads and the revelation hits us. The Holy Spirit is our teacher. You might say that he is your highest self but I like to think of Holy Spirit as the one teaching us.

John 2:27 27 As for you, the anointing you received from him remains in you, and you do not need anyone to teach you. But as his anointing teaches you about all things and as that anointing is real, not counterfeit – just as it has taught you, remain in him.

Of course spiritual books are useful to you as a spiritual food – if you have an internal teacher who will point out wisdom from those – but otherwise you will store this wisdom into your brain and it will remain there only as a form of knowledge.

Churches are about human groups where people come together for a common purpose to get to heaven. Very secure place for ego – people pray and read the Bible. But if there are no awakened souls, who would join together on spiritual plane, then the church is just an earthly club, for example, such as a hunters’ club – people with a common interest joining together and creating a club. People who are connected on spiritual levels create a state of being, a fellowship of God’s being and this can be named also as a spiritual congregation, or even a family of God.

Throughout my life, I have connected with some of the people with whom I have similar growth progress. They are constantly rotating around me. Sometimes, some of them disappear for a while but then we get together again. It’s like a common destiny. These people are very necessary because they are my helpers. They help me and I them. We communicate on spiritual level and witness each other’s problems, and how we pass through them through God’s wisdom. When we are together, God’s power grows. Energy begins to move, revelation flows. When we pray, we receive all the divine energy. Miracles are born after such meetings.

1 When Pentecost day came round, they had all met together,2 when suddenly there came from heaven a sound as of a violent wind which filled the entire house in which they were sitting;3 and there appeared to them tongues as of fire; these separated and came to rest on the head of each of them.4 They were all filled with the Holy Spirit and began to speak different languages as the Spirit gave them power to express themselves. Everyone were together and then came the power.

I’ve heard such a wind myself. Once, there was a meeting in my home. The guest preacher and some of the members of the church were visiting. We prayed while kneeling down, in a mutual state of being. Suddenly, the wind blew so hard that we were struggling not to fall over. I believe that energy can do such things, if there is a proper connection.

With this, I want to remind you that, yes we can grow also while being alone but we won’t have real power if we do not occasionally go to the community to load ourselves. Connection is created between likeminded, awakened people. You will be charged in such connection. You will grow more rapidly and your problems will be solved, you will simply find a solution. You will get more of a sparkle and your faith will grow. We can comfort each other. Spiritual connections receive the power of the Holy Spirit, as happened with the apostles.

Why don’t we have the power of the Holy Spirit? Because we are full of the Bible but there is no repentance. If all the people, who sit on church benches, would be awakened then the world would be saved.


I thought that karma means punishment. But really, karma should be called a consequence. You get what you give. While knowing the Laws of the Universe you start to notice what you are giving out, what you are planting. When you discover a poor crop, go back and examine when you planted this poor crop.
In ignorance, we are creators of karma; we create poor fruits for ourselves. Normally, we do not investigate the relationships of life – we get what we have sown yet we think its destiny. We blame all bad luck and fortune to destiny. We are trying to get rid of karma artificially.
I’ve read even a book that teaches to get into contact with Karma Angels, so they could free us from our own scourge. It’s the same story with the curse. We have called our bad karma a curse. Someone definitely screwed me off, why else is my life like that. Even, if you were cursed then you have still created this situation with your own thoughts.
The Bible has a good chapter that talks about curse. Unearned curse will not be fulfilled. If you have not caused it yourself then no one can put you under the curse. On the other hand, if you have attracted this with your thoughts and fears, in ignorance, then yes, you can be cursed.
The dark force wants to scare us; give us the impression that he is so powerful that he can act on his own. In fact, this is not the case; otherwise there would be no existence because the evil would destroy itself.
Everything is under God’s control and God lives within us. We need to release our fears and live in positivity – or say it however you want to. By consciously living and correcting our thoughts, choosing our words and actions according to intuition, we have turned the consequences into blessings.
The devils field of work will remain very small. We will not cause bad karma and curse; we will not leave any cracks from where the curse could enter into our lives, because we are the Unlimited Love.



– David Icke