I thought that karma means punishment. But really, karma should be called a consequence. You get what you give. While knowing the Laws of the Universe you start to notice what you are giving out, what you are planting. When you discover a poor crop, go back and examine when you planted this poor crop.
In ignorance, we are creators of karma; we create poor fruits for ourselves. Normally, we do not investigate the relationships of life – we get what we have sown yet we think its destiny. We blame all bad luck and fortune to destiny. We are trying to get rid of karma artificially.
I’ve read even a book that teaches to get into contact with Karma Angels, so they could free us from our own scourge. It’s the same story with the curse. We have called our bad karma a curse. Someone definitely screwed me off, why else is my life like that. Even, if you were cursed then you have still created this situation with your own thoughts.
The Bible has a good chapter that talks about curse. Unearned curse will not be fulfilled. If you have not caused it yourself then no one can put you under the curse. On the other hand, if you have attracted this with your thoughts and fears, in ignorance, then yes, you can be cursed.
The dark force wants to scare us; give us the impression that he is so powerful that he can act on his own. In fact, this is not the case; otherwise there would be no existence because the evil would destroy itself.
Everything is under God’s control and God lives within us. We need to release our fears and live in positivity – or say it however you want to. By consciously living and correcting our thoughts, choosing our words and actions according to intuition, we have turned the consequences into blessings.
The devils field of work will remain very small. We will not cause bad karma and curse; we will not leave any cracks from where the curse could enter into our lives, because we are the Unlimited Love.



– David Icke



We think that God is a person. A person like us, but a very powerful one. We think that he is somewhere far away from us and commands our lives and that he is in charge of the whole thing. The Bible has given us an impression that God is a figure. The Old Testament created an especially powerful figure of him. God was described as a merciless mass murderer.
In the New Testament Jesus says that when you are looking at me, you see Father. He equates himself as God and the Pharisees were very angry at him because of this.
God is not a figure. God is being, the source of life, energy etc. We ourselves make up this existence. God lives in all of us.
The charge of energy…I am this. I have a consciousness. I can take whatever shape I want. So, at this moment, I am in this shape… but I myself am not the shape.
The charge of energy, that has a consciousness, is very creative.
I am responsible for whatever I am creating because I have been put in front of different choices. I can’t blame anyone else because I am the one who creates my life and surroundings. Problems come and go but I choose to be flexible, continuously, in the problems. Nothing can sway me.
But when I am still in such a level of thinking where I believe that God is sitting on top of a cloud, I have to scream towards him all the time, for him to listen to me and help me.
A lot of church people are diligent in praying; they have long lists for what to pray for. I myself am a prayer. I say things to the existence.
I am the charge of energy in the energy field. Energy is in constant movement. I vibrate. I give out energies and receive energies. Everything works according to the laws.
On an earthly plane we have forgot the laws of Universe and dark forces use our ignorance for their own good. As long as we don’t know who we really are, and what our options are, we will be the slaves of darkness.
There are created fake figures and beliefs for us. We have adopted those and live amongst such examples and standards. That’s why we need to throw them away now, all of the darkness that has been planted in our subconscious minds. Unless you do that your higher self cannot give you new beliefs and raise your awareness.
The only God is the existence, the being within you. You are alienated from it because you have been hypnotised. Come back home. Awaken so that you could acknowledge who you really are.

Gratitude is wealth

Gratitude is wealth, but complaining is poverty. If this phrase is read by people at different levels of consciousness, then they might understand it in very different ways, and everyone is of course right in their own experiences.
One says about practicing more gratitude, because it’s logical that similar attracts similar frequency. If you want to be rich in every aspect of life, then be grateful because gratitude holds such a good energy that it then attracts same energy, or experience. The other person is starving with his family and finds that such a sentence is mockery. In such situation, for him, an appeal to complain is much more appropriate.
I have had such situations where I have been in great despair, but then had a sudden thought which have made break out words that are completely the opposite of the situation. It helps to break down the situation – the energy changes and great peace comes in you. In this great peace an unexpected solution will arrive.
Every person has his or her individual growth in the spirit. Sometimes there is a period of crying, and if so, then it must be done. I’ve been in such a period where I was crying every day, on my knees, on the ground and the only thing I was saying was: “God, please help me!”
After a while I grew out of such infancy and discovered that if I do not get a solution from God’s wisdom, then I will be crying until the end of times. There will be certain time, as an infant, when you will be offered constant help, but then you have to grow up and make your own conclusions. I began to study God’s laws and how they work in my life.
That’s how growth works. In each period of life, we have some helpers, because you still need other people. The other person is like a mirror, if you start to understand it. Then you begin to study yourself through the other person and become even more experienced and smarter in keeping and loving yourself.
If you’re still in your teens you want to dispute and explain to other people that you are right in everything. If you grow up, you will discover that everyone is right and there is no need to argue. If before you didn’t analyze your mistakes, now you look at them and see why the situation is as it is. You will learn from your life how to behave wisely. You don’t need to take life courses to live by because your teacher lives within you.

I want to get rich right now!

Such an attitude of life makes you borrow, lease, make a down payment, and then you find yourself in a devilish circle. You will pay a lot more back and if you can’t pay, our bulk recipients, SMS loan and other companies, they will increase your amount to as much as a million if it was anyhow possible.
I watched at the Russian fairy tale movie about the ’frost father’. It was a very instructive story about two different human natures. One, who was humble and suffered evil, the other an exalted egoist. The kind girl got a fortune from the old man but the egoist, only leftovers. Ego wants things right now and does not like to wait. We worry about material things, especially when they are constantly advertised; we imagine how they would make our life more beautiful. You want to get those things your girlfriend or neighbour has. You need something all the time and it seems that you can’t be without them.
My obsession was once – a vacuum cleaner. When it was taken away I felt like I was left without hands. I could had cleaned the rug otherwise, but I certainly had to order it immediately with an installment. I have ordered in number of occasions several sectional cabinets and sofas, and today there are not traces of them. I learned through life and no longer take any things on loan. If I don’t know how to handle money then I will not increase the amount. There is no blessing.
The Bible contains a passage that tells you how a poor widow put one coin in the church’s box, but the rich donated a lot. Jesus said that the widow put more than the rich, because she did so with her stomach and heart. We should also do it with our hearts, otherwise it will be a hypocrisy. If you want to emerge as a man of wealth, in front of your rich friends, you have to wear a mask throughout your whole life. You show externally that everything in your home is excellent, but in fact there is poverty and lack of money because you can not artificially plunge yourself into the middle of those who are lavishly spending their money. You will get into a trouble and have to eventually admit to yourself that you need to restrict your expenses.
People pretend and play cool beings. Their story seems to say that life is a flower. And if they can then also belittle someone, even better, because it makes them feel they are perfect. There is no sincerity, no respect. Ego doesn’t want to admit that he has problems but hides behind a mask. We are here, in this darkness, so that light could enlighten us. We should awaken to come to our former nature, but to do so we must acknowledge our bad choices. I think, if we use the little what we might have, wisely, like this widow, more will be added for us.
A prophet came to the house of the widow; he made such a miracle that the jar never ran out of oil. We can not believe in miracles, we want to have everything immediately and with installments and loans. Your choice, life will teach you anyhow.
If you want to be healthy then keep track of your intuition, your inner feeling and follow it; because if you do what the mind says, logic or another person, you’ve already damaged yourself because your body is stressed. Your teacher and guide lives in you and he knows you very well – trust your inner feeling

Discover the colours of life!

What is the true quality of life? Is it to live only for the big “aha” moments, the endless adrenaline, or perhaps just for the moonlight and the stars, just dreaming away? I think, more and more people are starting to realize the complexity and deepness of life, the paradox, the full spectrum of rainbow colours.
How far has the black and white judgement taken us? – Those two polarities! I suspect not too far. Although experiencing both of them helps us to finally find our centre, the delicate balance between everything that is, can be found only through interconnected awareness of it all. In order to experience everything that is, you need to have an open mind, ready to change, to convert, adapt itself, evolve, to grow. Nowadays, there are hundreds of tools available for us to open up our minds and keep it moving forwards. We can research almost anything. Learn almost anything. Not only through books but through the internet- google search, YouTube, eBooks, podcasts, blogs etc. There’s almost an overload of information. You can choose between millions of subjects that might interest you. Follow your passion. How can we not use this for our advantage? Growth has never been easier! Become the curious child you once were and begin to play around with what excites you! And don’t just collect knowledge, but make it into wisdom through real actions. It could be simple ones.
Sometimes we are perfectly happy and feel content and safe living inside our own kind of bubble. It’s painful to grow and open your eyes. Life is ever changing – new thoughts and ideas – constant upgrading of yourself. Respect each others personal journeys and, first and foremost, honour yourself through your life path too. Take as much as time needed, but don’t fall asleep.
There is a beautiful delicacy in keeping our steadfast values and beliefs and, at the same time, introducing new ones that are inspired by love, compassion, kindness, connection; fully embracing our humanity and bringing awareness to the unhealed parts of ourselves. Again, loving yourself through it all, because our real “ego” is just an immature child who is not taken care of; who still looks love and safety from outside of himself – we need to learn how to parent and soothe ourselves.
A good way to start would be to think about different areas in your life. How does your Life Wheel look like right now? – Career, Family, Friends, Social community, Hobbies, Recreation, Philosophical, Spiritual, Personal Development & Learning, Finance, Health. How are you contributing to those areas? What can you do to make them better? To improve your life quality? You can think about defining those for you, then perhaps thinking about how to prevent them to fall out of balance, how to repair the damage, how to maintain the good – even make it better. Study the timeless principles. Most of true life skills, that you were never taught in school, can be learned only through organic experiences – small and big – but don’t just wait for the big ones and then face them unprepared. Take pride in training yourself through the small ones too. Practice discomfort, once in a while; do things that you are afraid of. Go through them deliberately and see is it really worth all the drama and pain? How cheap is your happiness? Learn to be ashamed of only the things that are worth to be ashamed of. When you train yourself on little things then you stand a chance of being courageous.
There is a field of opportunities around you. See what works for you and what doesn’t. Build your foundation and customize the rest of it as originally as you wish. Choose love, your tools, choose to grow, choose the rainbow. Life looks so much more beautiful and fun in vibrant colours.



Everything is possible to the one who believes. There are all sorts of opportunities out there, and you attract them through your beliefs.
Faith is a firm confidence in what is expected and a belief in what is not seen. The word is a seed. You need to get the word straight from the source itself, only then can you grow the fruit from its seed. The fruit, which you pull out from the field of opportunities, is the answer to your problem. We are disturbed by doubt because we think it’s not possible. We destroy the seed already in its embryo, so the fruit never grows.
When you get a good idea and it explodes inside of you, then the other person may begin to diminish your ideas by telling that it’s impossible to carry it out, for there is a lack of financial resources. In fact, the secret is that a good idea creates the financial possibilities itself when you start from where you can. You trust the wish that comes out of you and begin to operate with the tools that are available to you. The result is creation. You are creating in faith.
If you get a picture or a message from inside yourself, and you know that this is not your ego’s thought, you need to trust it. Years ago, while standing in front of one house door I felt as if I were already living there. Later, I moved in there.
The foundation of firm confidence, whether in the form of a word or a vision, should be a divine revelation. Then this is the basis upon which you will build your faith.
I remember my friends’ testimony of the wonder he experienced. He was in debt and the government wanted to take his home to cover the debt. Then the word of faith appeared to him from within: it does not happen. Some would have been panicking, but he was very calm because he had a certain confidence in the message and he knew that God would not lie. Then the officials came to his house with papers to formalize the matter, but at the same time another person arrived who paid the whole debt. This person, who lives in Finland, received a message saying that he had to go to Estonia and help one man who was in trouble.
We are connected with each other through our inner worlds. All the helping tools are available to us. If you have a problem, then you can find a solution for yourself through faith. If you are a doubter, you better seek solutions through the means of the world, because doubt eliminates any response that you could get in your spiritual path.
If you have a problem then request a message or a vision. Seek spiritual answers and if you receive it, you must believe and not doubt. It’s better if after that, you will no longer consider whether this is really feasible. You might have a thought that you are not worth it. You need to have a firm conviction that you are the perfect seed. You can never artificially shape yourself into being perfect. You are perfect from God’s mercy, because you came back home, to your true inner being. You might also think that this is too big of a thing to ask, but don’t set any boundaries to yourself. There are answers to all the questions in the field of opportunities, because our questions have always existed, as well as the answers to them.
Spontaneity is trust and belief in doing what is needed to do at each given moment. People need security. For this, they are collecting money and things, they invest in businesses to secure their future, but the insecurity is in their hearts. Thus, such external things do not guarantee that you will feel confident and calm about the future. Confidence can be found in spontaneity, flowing with the power of the Divine and being one with the source. You trust yourself in the being and know that at the moment it’s the best for you, whatever you feel emotionally.
In this way of living and being you will never have the fear of being late, rushing somewhere, doing and accomplishing something. You will be relieved from the burden of striving and the burden of accomplishment. You just enjoy being and trusting yourself. You are not separate from the being and you owe no explanations to anyone. You are Him.
All this needs to be contemplated, because if you think only about the junk information from morning to evening, then you feed your spirit with the artificial food of this system, far from any kind of trust of faith.
Then the system will get you in and you will not be able to get anything out of the field of opportunities, in your spiritual path, you will not attract answers to your wishes.
Someone said that believing is a very cumbersome thing – it’s better to create answers differently.
Your choice